Bucharest Stock Exchange and Depozitarul Central launch online investor registration platform

BUCHAREST, Romania, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and Depozitarul Central continue digital transformation efforts by launching Investors Enrollment Platform with the help of their partners Aurachain and eVOTE. User accounts are created via this platform using a personal identification process, which enable investors to take part online in the general meetings of the companies listed in BVB and vote electronically. This new digital solution was developed by Aurachain, a low-code development platform that helps companies quickly digitize their operational processes. As part of the project, eVOTE offers the first online and physical participation solution for AGMs, launched in Romania more than two years ago and is currently used by more than 20 companies listed at BVB.

Investor registration platform

In a first phase, the online investor registration platform is available from any internet-connected desktop or laptop with Google Chrome web browser through the following link https://www.roclear.ro/Inrolare-Investitori or directly from the home page available from Depozitarul Central at https://www.depozitarulcentral.ro. The user account is created through a facial recognition process or using a digital signature for holders of certified digital certificates. The solution will enable shareholders of listed companies to more easily benefit from the services of capital markets institutions using one user account and one single point of contact. Using their credentials, investors can participate online and participate electronically in the general meetings of shareholders held by companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange that use the eVOTE platform and in which the investors own shares.

The partnership between BVB, Depozitarul Central and eVOTE will improve the operational efficiency of listed companies by reducing the administrative burden and costs associated with holding general meetings. At the same time, shareholders of companies using the eVOTE platform can vote much faster with a single click and attend such meetings from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet.

The investor registration platform can be used in the future for various purposes, such as facilitating some services for investors, including online access to additional services offered by Depozitarul Central – for example, receiving bank statements.

The pandemic episode that we have been going through has triggered one of the most interesting challenges: the accelerated digitization in all areas. Depositarul Central has always invested massively and sustainably in automation and digitization to ensure quality services, but above all to offer solutions for the benefit and comfort of our customers. The launch of the Investors Enrollment Platform with access to the electronic voting service eVOTE is a natural step in the development, optimization and modernization of the services offered to partners by Depositarul Central. This platform will be enhanced and complemented with all the facilities that an investor needs depending on the opportunities that we will identify. We are pleased to be able to offer this very important and useful service together with the Bucharest Stock Exchange for all players involved in the Romanian capital market”, said Silvia Buicanescu, CEO of Depozitarul Central.

It is obvious that we can no longer talk about the capital market without mentioning digitization. The now operational project, Investors Enrollment Platform, developed with Aurachain partners and colleagues from Depozitarul Central, a step further to simplify access to the capital market for investors. As a first step, the platform will digitize the process of investor participation in the general meetings of listed companies and the voting process that is carried out via eVOTE – the online system for participation in general meetings. Subsequently, the advantages of the platform will be extended to the development of further digital services for investors. The Bucharest Stock Exchange has always looked for technological solutions that make it easier for investors and issuers to access the capital market and the launch of this platform certainly contributes to this goal,” said Adrian TanaseCEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The cooperation between eVOTE and BVB through Depozitarul Central as the first utility service of the Investors Enrollment Platform represents a significant step towards the development of the capital market Romania through the digitization of services for shareholders of listed companies. Starting today, shareholders will have simplified attendance at general meetings and will be able to vote much more quickly on the issues that determine the future of the companies in which they invest. With eVOTE, both companies and their shareholders have the certainty that the votes cast are counted and calculated accordingly. This transformation of the participation and voting channels brings the technology of the years 2022 into the process of a GSM and creates basic conditions for the application of transparency and good governance especially for BVB-listed companies. In the time of the year with the highest turnover for BVB-listed companies from January to January May 2022, 50 general meetings were organized on the eVOTE platform, 37 of which were held annually. All events were streamed live, with no lag between the virtual and physical environments,” he said Mihai ChisuCEO of Governance Partners, the company that manages the eVOTE platform.

Digitization and process automation have been shown to significantly improve operational efficiencies, and we are now seeing that this could have an impact considerably influence on of Romania capital market. Bucharest Stock Exchange and Depozitarul Central have maximized the capabilities of the low-code Aurachain platform to develop the Investors Enrollment Platform significantly faster than traditional development methods would have allowed. The Bucharest Stock Exchange will continue to benefit from the advantages of our platform through the real-time visibility of the entire process, the high level of security, as well as the ability to quickly make changes and improvements to meet the needs of the market”, said Adele WienerAurachain CEO.

About the Bucharest Stock Exchange

The Bucharest Stock Exchange operates markets in stocks, bonds and other instruments through regulated platforms and alternative systems, offering a wide range of services to participants in the financial markets. The Bucharest Stock Exchange is a public company listed on its own market since 2010.

The cumulative market capitalization of all companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (both local and international) exceeds 42.2 billion eurosand the cumulative value of the bonds listed at BVB is 17.2 billion euros.

Romania has become increasingly visible internationally and has been present ever since 20th June, comprising 12 companies in the Russell FTSE index dedicated to emerging markets. The 12 companies are: Banca Transilvania, Nuclearelectrica, OMV Petrom, TeraPlast, One United Properties, MedLife, Transport Trade Services, Purcari Wineries, Conpet, IMPACT Developer & Contractor, Sphera Franchise Group and Aquila.

For more information on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, visit www.bvb.ro

About Depozitarul Central – Romanian Central Securities Depository

Depozitarul Central provides central administration of securities accounts, clearing and settlement services for financial instruments traded on different trading venues, cross-border settlement services via links to other central securities depositories, securities lending and borrowing. It also provides notary services (initial registration of securities in the book entry system), standardized processing of corporate events and other services for issuers and holders of financial instruments.

Depozitarul Central is a joint-stock company, a member of the Bucharest Stock Exchange Group and operates in accordance with the provisions of the CSDR (Regulation (EU) No. 909/2014).

For more information about Depozitarul Central, visit www.depozitarulcentral.ro

About Aurachain

Aurachain empowers organizations to rapidly build digital process applications through a powerful low-code platform. Streamlined workflows and exceptional interfaces directly capture the expertise of subject matter experts, business analysts and professional developers to deliver real business value from day one. Business organizations and governments alike use Aurachain to reduce development times, streamline business operations, and accelerate innovation.

The Aurachain platform is owned by Aurachain AG, a Swiss company with local offices in Europe (SwitzerlandGreat Britain, Romania), the middle East (Dubai) and United States of America (California).

For more information on the Aurachain low-code platform, visit www.aurachain.ch or watch this video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjhQxkwEQOc

Follow LinkedIn for more updates from Aurachain.

About eVote

eVOTE is a one-stop solution to wear general meetings of shareholders. It includes all options for participating in the Annual General Meeting by post, online or in person and integrates all voting in a single platform that is user-friendly for shareholders and companies and, last but not least, secure in terms of data protection. Developed by Governance Partners, a company founded in 2018 by the association of capital markets and IT specialists, eVOTE is the first application aimed at transforming the way investors interact with the main capital market institutions, modernize through technology to allow for easier and more efficient coordination.

For more information on the eVOTE platform, visit www.evote.ro

For more information:

Irina Pocovnicu, CMO, Aurachain, [email protected], +40 729 218 570
Bianca DascaluMarketing and Communication, Bucharest Stock Exchange, [email protected]
Diana PredescuPublic Relations and Marketing, Depozitarul Central, [email protected]

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