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I’ve lived in American Canyon for 13 years and at no time has this town had a full-time post office or a full-time postal worker to keep it occupied. Despite the overwhelming need for a city of over 20,000 people, the postal system and our Congressman Mike Thompson refuse to address this issue.

Instead, after a public hearing at which numerous citizens demanded better service and facilities a few years ago, the postal system reluctantly enlarged the existing facility adjacent to the American Canyon Public Library, but refused to make it a full-time post office by adding hours .

So what do we have now? Same hours and staffing as before the public hearing (10.30am-1.45pm, 2.30pm-4am, MF; 10.30am-2pm Saturday) with never more than one member of staff waiting in line, regardless of the number of people waiting in line. That is a total of 5.25 hours of service per day, five days a week and 3.50 hours on Saturday for a city with 20,000 inhabitants.

By any definition, this is a shame on a vibrant, thriving city whose population has nearly doubled in that time. I dare say that there is no other city in this country comparable in size to American Canyon with fewer postal services per capita.

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