Best Free Property Management Software for 2023

PHILADELPHIA – If you’re looking for free property management software, you’re not alone. You’ve probably heard of several options, including Renter, Rezedent, and TenantCloud. But which one is right for you? Here are some tips to help you choose. A great property management software will make your job easier, reduce friction and reduce errors. It can automate the lease cycle and reduce your workload.

Tenant Cloud

Using TenantCloud’s free property management software allows landlords to stay on top of their rental properties while staying in touch with tenants and contractors. The software, including online leasing, rent payments and accounting tools, is easy to use. It can even schedule routine maintenance for your properties.

However, not all property management software is the same. While the cheapest providers may look appealing, they often lack customer support, software simplicity, user experience, and service offerings. In addition, many companies have hidden costs and minimum property requirements. These requirements can drive a landlord into a price trap.

TenantCloud offers an online rent collection platform and a free mobile app. The system also allows tenants to pay rent online using a credit or debit card. It also allows users to track and accept job applications. You can even set up automatic payments.


Rezedent is free property management software that makes property management easier and more efficient. It offers tenant management, online payments, maintenance requests, full accounting and property analysis reports. It is a cloud-based platform for independent landlords and small to mid-sized property managers. It also includes features for resident communication and community building.

Most of the best free property management software can do more than just track income and expenses. The best free software offers tenant screening, online rent collection, maintenance management, billing, and analysis of market rents. It can also automate many tasks related to rental property management, including marketing vacancies on rental listing websites.


Innago has made it possible for anyone to rent out their property without spending a fortune. Their software is powerful and flexible while being easy to use. You can use it no matter how big or small your business is, and no training or certification is required.

Innago has revolutionized the letting process, enabling property managers to collect rent, manage leases and streamline all the tedious tasks associated with property management. Innago is free to use and offers 24/7 support, quick help videos, and industry-leading security measures. It also has no user restrictions, making it an ideal tool for smaller real estate portfolios.

Innago accepts ACH, credit and debit card payments. Once a reservation is made, a 50% deposit is due within seven days of making the reservation, with the balance due 45 days prior to guest arrival. The property remains active until the deposit is received.


Rentler is free property management software for landlords and renters that will streamline rental property management. It allows you to add offers, review applicants and accept payments online. It also allows you to manage your properties from one central dashboard. Rentler has a number of features that landlords may want to upgrade to, including rent collection, maintenance tracking, and online legal forms.

Rentler’s free version allows you to create a free account and create and receive electronic signatures. It also includes country-specific templates to help you create legally binding agreements. You can also upgrade to the Unlimited Plus plan to get features like e-signatures, next-day payments, customizable leases, and maintenance tracking.

The basic plan is free for landlords with fewer than ten properties, but can be limited to larger landlords. The paid version has additional features such as tenant screening and marketing tasks. The free version limits the number of properties you manage, but if you manage more than eleven properties, the paid version is the best option.

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