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Thursday, November 11, 2021

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After the national introduction of the #BangkitBersama (#AscentTogether) Campaign in September, the local technology giant GoTo started the program in Surabaya to help local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to emerge from the pandemic-induced slump and make their products known on the local market .

“SMEs, as the backbone of the Indonesian economy, need to be able to adapt and create opportunities as hosts in their own country, especially in the midst of intense competition,” said Leontinus A. Edison, Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of Tokopedia.

The targeted campaign in the provincial capital East Java is based on a holistic approach to build a harmonious, mutually beneficial relationship that combines the strengths of the three most important pillars of the GoTo ecosystem: MSMEs, consumers and driver partners. The goal is to encourage technology and non-tech MSMEs to adapt and grow through GoTo programs to restore consumer purchasing power while keeping dealers and drivers productive, healthy and safe.

The movement is supported by Surabaya’s Mayor Eri Cahyadi.

“Economic recovery is currently one of the priorities of Surabaya City Council, but it requires cross-sector participation and collaboration and innovation,” said Eri.

“Cross-sectoral collaboration plays an important role in accelerating the post-pandemic economic recovery. We are therefore grateful for GoTo’s support with his #BangkitBersama Program in Surabaya, ”he added.

GoTo supports MSMEs in Surabaya through, among other things, Gojek’s GoFood marketing and advertising programs, which were launched in late October for members of the Surabaya Culinary Tourism Center. The program enabled GoFood partners to see a 28 percent increase in total transactions.

Tokopedia, the other half of the GoTo ecosystem, is supporting Surabaya MSMEs through Jatim Fair 2021, an online-offline hybrid event that successfully increased the transactions of participating MSMEs by up to 13x their previous numbers.

Catherine Hindra Sutjahyo, Gojek’s Chief Food Officer, highlighted the importance of culinary culture to the region.

“Surabaya is known as a culinary destination as there are many culinary businesses at home that are known in other cities,” said Catherine.

“In addition, our data also shows that members of the Surabaya GoFood Partner Community (Kompag Surabaya) reach more than 5,000 MSMEs in the city, which has the third largest membership base after Jakarta and Bandung,” she added.

Verne Indonesia Manager Marsetio Hariadi (Courtesy Tokopedia /.)

Not only have food and beverage companies been boosted by the GoTo campaign, but small businesses in other sectors, including craft, have also benefited significantly.

Leather apparel and apparel manufacturer Verne Indonesia is a high quality leather company that was founded in 2011 and joined Tokopedia in 2017. Verne Indonesia is dedicated to producing high craftsmanship products that are not only appreciated by its customers but also add value as Indonesian luxury products.

The success story of Verne Indonesia shows how technological innovation can be a boon for local MSMEs.

The products are made by skilled local leather artisans and almost all sales of Verne Indonesia products are made through Tokopedia. In the third quarter of 2021, the company almost doubled its transaction volume year-on-year.

GoTo is also working with the Surabaya Trade Office to bring the upcoming Kelas Maju Digital Pemula (digital progression course for beginners) to MSMEs. The skills development workshop is scheduled for November 11th and 19th to help small businesses improve their capacity and competitiveness. Thousands of MSME entrepreneurs are expected to attend the workshop with the assistance of the Surabaya administration.

With GoTo Financial, a financial management training program supported by the East Java Financial Services Authority, GoTo promotes the financial literacy of Surabaya’s MSMEs while promoting their digital transformation through integration with GoFood and Tokopedia.

One of the first initiatives of the #BangkitBersama The program is the Hyperlocal Initiative, which helps to connect local consumers and MSMEs through the use of geotagging technology. Another is TokoCabang, which helps local businesses increase sales transactions by joining the GoTo ecosystem.

In response to the limited digital resources and knowledge of MSMEs, GoTo also offers a holistic MSME community empowerment program that features institutions such as the Gojek Business Partner Academy (KAMUS), the Tokopedia Family (K-Top), the National Digital Advancement Conference and the GoTo. includes MSME center.

Winny Triswandhani, Head of Corporate Communications at GoTo Financial, urges business owners to use Moka and offers the most comprehensive offline-to-online (O2O) solution for MSMEs to improve operational efficiency.

“Amid the ongoing economic recovery, MSMEs must continue to adapt to the pandemic through a variety of channels, one of which is the O2O solution,” she said.

“In Surabaya, GoTo Financial MSME dealers grew 138 percent compared to [previous year]. With the #BangkitBersama We hope that the GoTo ecosystem will help Surabaya MSMEs become more profitable. “

“Through the various hyperlocal initiatives and collaborations with the Surabaya administration #BangkitBersama Activities, GoTo hopes to provide a comprehensive solution to local MSMEs, consumers, driver partners and the community while fueling the pandemic-hit regional and national economic recovery, ”said Leontinus of Tokopedia, adding that“ Indonesia can thrive ”. Successes of MSMEs.

GoTo has been a committed partner in the country’s Covid-19 response by facilitating the vaccination of 400,000 Gojek drivers in 75 counties and cities across the country. The company also helped build the Gotong Royong Oxygen House in Jakarta and donate 600 oxygen concentrators to 53 counties and cities.

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