Australian Home Loans Manager Hayden Thorn stole ID cards to fund drug addiction


A drug addicted financial advisor stole the identities of Aussie Home Loans customers and employees before borrowing $ 150,000 on their behalf to fuel his rampant methamphetamine habit.

Father of two, Hayden Thorn, 38, was a successful and respected finance manager and recruiter – but also a staunch meth addict who used the drug in part to help manage long hours and stress.

The district court was told that Thorn was fired just months after joining a senior position at Aussie Home Loans in 2015 – but took away the sensitive information of clients, mortgage brokers and other employees. For several months, Thorn used the data to take out online loans, purchase SIM cards and other loans that he used almost exclusively to feed his drug addiction.

And the court was told that he continued his crime even after he was arrested and questioned by Fraud officers in 2016.

From the Aussie Home Loans headquarters in Wembley, Thorn was only employed a few months.

However, the court was told that Thorn was making copies of driver’s licenses, passports and other identification documents from customers and employees during this time.

They were then used to make fraudulent online applications for loans and credit accounts with a number of financial institutions, including Citibank and Latitude Financial Services.

Prosecutor Sarah Kavanagh said the people whose identities Thorn stole were far from being a victimless crime would be placed in a heinous position.

“There are identifiable victims in the sense that there are actually people whose confidential documents have been fraudulently used by the perpetrator,” said Ms. Kavanagh. Thorn’s attorney Terry Dobson said his client initially used meth to “give him a little kick”.

“He thought he could do it,” said Mr. Dobson. “Like so many others, he realized very quickly that you couldn’t handle meth. Meth manages you, and it succumbs quickly. “

Judge Wendy Gillan said that despite Thorn’s drug addiction, the scams were “pretty well thought out”.

“You stole the confidential records of these people that you knew were confidential in order to use them for your own benefit,” said Judge Gillan.

“Significantly, your crime continued not only after you ended your employment relationship, but also after you were arrested.”

Judge Gillan sentenced Thorn to an immediate two year prison term with parole.

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