Artificial Solutions strengthens the Conversational AI Platform, Teneo, with seven new connectors


Artificial Solutions®, a leading specialist in enterprise-class conversational AI, announced that seven and new back-end connectors have been added to its award-winning Teneo development platform, including HubSpot, Saber, Shopify and Automation Anywhere.

Teneo Connectors are pre-built integrations that extend Teneo applications with a variety of channels and back-end systems / APIs. This integration enables Teneo developers to reduce the development time for conversational bots and agents and improve their conversational AI solutions with more intelligence and skills. That goal coincides with the company’s crusade to help chatbot developers accelerate implementation, increase team productivity, and ensure project scalability across industries and in up to 86 languages.

The Integration Manager in Teneo Studio also enables technical developers to create new integrations that support conversational application development by less technical users. Thanks to this module, business users without technical knowledge can simply “drag and drop” these reusable function blocks into their conversational AI flows.

Teneo integrations are developed in Java and can, if necessary, fall back on existing Java classes / libraries, so that there are basically no restrictions with regard to the integration of Teneo. In addition, the Analytics Suite in Teneo enables developers to easily integrate with Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) tools for performance tracking and visualization purposes.

“We are excited to expand our stack of Teneo Connectors and make them available to our large developer community. These will help teams increase the capabilities of their chatbots and deliver smarter responses based on the backend actions, requests and processes carried out by their solutions, ”said Andreas Wieweg, CTO of Artificial Solutions.

In the latest Provider Lens ™ Intelligent Automation Report published by ISG a few months ago, Teneo Connectors was recognized by Artificial Solutions as the market leader for conversational AI and by Gartner as a tech innovator in the conversational AI area.

The new additions to the existing back-end connectors from Teneo are:

• HubSpot: The HubSpot Connector shows how a Teneo solution is integrated with the HubSpot REST API. The example workflows in the solution show how tickets can be retrieved and how tickets are created, updated, deleted and / or filtered on HubSpot.

• Fresh service: The Freshservice connector enables developers to create Teneo bots that create and manage tickets via the Freshservice API. The connector includes integration with Freshservice and sample flows for creating, reading, updating and deleting support tickets.

• QuickBooks: The QuickBooks connector offers all the necessary modules to integrate a Teneo connector with the QuickBooks REST API. The sample workflows in the solution demonstrate how to authenticate users and how to get, filter, create, update, and delete invoices in QuickBooks.

• Shopify: The Shopify connector contains all the necessary integrations to connect a Teneo solution with the Shopify REST API. The sample flows in the solution show how products can be retrieved, as well as how products are filtered, created, updated, or deleted on Shopify.

• Saber: The Teneo Saber Connector enables Teneo developers to easily implement conversational experiences within the travel domain supported by Saber APIs. Travel agencies can use the Teneo Saber Connector to create online booking assistants for their agents and customers.

• Automation everywhere: The Automation Anywhere connector shows how to use a Teneo bot to manage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows with Automation Anywhere. The solution includes integration with Automation Anywhere and a sample flow for starting a job on the Automation Anywhere RPA platform.

• Energy automation: The Power Automate connector shows how to connect a Teneo bot to a flow created in Power Automate. The solution includes a Power Automate integration and a sample flow that can be used to send an email in Outlook through Power Automate. Because the integration source code is embedded in the solution, it can be easily extended or used as a starting point for new methods.

In early 2021, Artificial Solutions added eight connectors to Teneo’s existing back-end connectors:

• Service now: The cloud computing platform helps companies manage digital workflows and automated experiences for business operations. The connection between a Teneo solution and a ServiceNow REST API can link conversational AI solutions to retrieve incidents, create, update or delete incidents on ServiceNow.

• Blue prism: Integration with Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology will enable organizations to be more agile and cost-effective by automating business-critical processes and allowing human agents to focus on more complex and business-oriented problems. By integrating with Teneo, these automations can now be easily connected directly to end users via a natural language interface in multiple languages ​​to maximize the benefits of RPA sequences and conversational AI applications.

• Satisfied: Create, manage and distribute content on any platform. This connector can connect your Teneo-powered bot to a content management system that is integrated into the Contentful platform.

• Freshdesk: The cloud-based customer support software can now be integrated into Teneo to combine conversational AI functions with authentication, ticket retrieval, contact agents and ticket management.

• The project management tool enables organizations to manage tasks, projects and teak work more efficiently. This Teneo backend connector can use conversation bots to do end-to-end tasks like getting items from dashboards or grouping, adding and filtering items. As with most Teneo connectors, the source code of the integration is embedded in the solution, can be easily extended or used as a starting point for new methods.

• Zoho desk: As context-sensitive customer service software that promotes self-service and cross-functional processes, the back-end integration of Zoho Desk with the Teneo solution includes methods for authentication and for retrieving, filtering, creating, updating and deleting tickets., with the possibility of expanding new methods.

• Jira: The widely used agile project management software can be integrated with Teneo to use conversation bots for authentication and ticket management.

• Zendesk: The integration of this connector with Zendesk support enables Teneo-Bots to enable end users to create and manage support tickets using Zendesk’s customer service software.

For companies that operate in many regions or countries and require Enterprise Conversational Agents and Conversational User Interface (CUI) deployments in many languages, Artificial Solutions also supports unique functionality for rapid implementation and scaling of multilingual solutions, as well as maintenance and efficiency consistent quality experience for users. The Master / Local functionality usually allows a company to reuse up to 80% of the original content.

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Artificial Solutions® (SSME: ASAI) is the leading specialist in conversational AI. We enable communication with applications, websites and devices in everyday, human-like natural language via voice, text, touch or gesture input.

Artificial Solutions’ advanced Conversational AI Teneo® enables business users and developers to build sophisticated, highly intelligent applications that run across 86 languages ​​and dialects, multiple platforms and channels in record time. The ability to analyze and leverage the enormous amounts of conversation data is fully integrated into Teneo, delivering unparalleled data insights that show what customers are really thinking about voice applications such as virtual assistants, conversation bots, voice-based conversation UIs for smart devices, and more . It is already used daily by millions of people in hundreds of assignments in the private and public sectors around the world.

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