Are you using Google Keep on a Samsung S21? Do not install One UI 4

Samsung has been busy rolling out Android 12 updates to a number of smartphones over the past few weeks. While the launch was largely bug-free, a certain subset of Samsung users have encountered a rather peculiar problem. Apparently, the switch to Android 12 and One UI 4.0 on select Samsung smartphones caused an accidental bug with Google’s popular note-taking app, Google Keep.

According to the user who first reported this issue, they noticed the issue after noticing that an auto-numbered list in their Google Keep app was behaving strangely. Whenever he tried to navigate through the list by scrolling, the bug caused additional numbers to be added automatically. The problem also occurs when users try to add newer items to the list. The user in question was using a Samsung Galaxy S21+.

The user also shared a screenshot showing the result of what the bug did to their numbered list. Since he couldn’t get Samsung or Google to respond to this error, the only solution he could think of was to open the numbered list with a web browser on a PC, where it is displayed correctly.

Latest One UI 4.0 update messes up numbered lists in Google Keep app. Tim O 8971/ Google Support Forums

While people have been talking about this strange issue on Google’s support forums for over two months, it gained significant traction after a 9to5Google report prompted a Google volunteer to confirm and acknowledge the issue. The contributor, a Diamond product expert on the Google forums, also revealed that there is no timeline as of when a fix can be expected. We probably won’t see a fix until Google releases an update for Google Keep on the Play Store.

Interestingly, not all smartphones running One UI 4.0 on Android 12 seem to be affected by the issue. The issue seems to mainly affect some units of flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and the Galaxy Note 20. So far there have been no reports of Samsung Galaxy A series or M series phones facing this issue.

However, if you happen to own any of the above smartphones and use Google Keep on Android a lot, it might be a good idea to wait a few days for the long-awaited Android 12 One UI 4.0 update. For those who don’t use Google Keep at all, we see no reason why you should push back the One UI update.

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