7 Best Apps to Get a Free Second Phone Number

  • Several apps can get you a free second number for your phone, whether it’s for business or personal communications.
  • Google Voice is free, ad-free and also has its own web interface.
  • Other apps offer free secondary numbers with ads, but a subscription fee may be required for the best experience.

You don’t have to own a second phone to have a second phone number. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can get a second phone number to use for a second business or side job, to make purchases on Craigslist, or arrange first dates on Tinder, all without revealing your primary number . The secret? There are a variety of apps that can give you a free second phone number, essentially giving you two lines on your cell phone.

Google Voice

Google has been offering its Google Voice service since 2009, but hasn’t kept it as up-to-date as some of Google’s other apps and websites. That’s a reasonable compromise, though, for an app that can add a permanent second line to your iPhone or Android phone for free, with no strings attached – unlike every other option here, there are no time limits, in-app ads, or subscription fees. And to use in addition

Google Voice

You can also access calls and voicemail from a web browser on your phone.

Google Voice on iPhone.

Google Voice is the best all-around app to get a free second number.

Dave Johnson/Insider

Text Free

Textfree adds a second line to your Android or iPhone for free. After installing the app, you can get a second number that allows you to send unlimited SMS for free and get 60 minutes of voice calls per month. And while the ads can be pretty intrusive, you can inexpensively upgrade Textfree to be ad-free. You can also buy additional time, e.g. B. 100 minutes for $1.99. Keep in mind that if you opt into the ad-based service, you’ll need to use your number regularly or you’ll lose access to it and have to sign up again with a new number.


You can get a free phone number from Dingtone that includes unlimited voice calls and texts as long as you’re willing to tolerate in-app ads that interrupt your experience. Also, if you don’t use the app regularly, you could lose your number. If you want to make international calls, you can buy Dingtone credits or earn free credits by doing things in the app such as: B. View ads or recommend other users.

text me

TextMe, formerly known as FreeTone, is another second-line app with a free tier of service. Like Textfree and Google Voice, Text Me gives you access to a free number to text and make voice calls within the US and Canada, although like Textfree (and unlike Google Voice), the free service is ad-supported. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a permanent number that never requires you to earn credits or pay subscription fees, although the in-app ads can get annoying.

SMS app on iPhone.

Text Me gives you free access to a second line, but the in-app ads can be intrusive.

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To fly

Flyp doesn’t offer a completely free tier of service, but you can try it for free for seven days. If you have a very limited need for a second number, that might be good enough. And unlike most second number apps, Flyp lets you set up any number of additional numbers — up to five — for $7.99 each per month. Each line gives you unlimited text and calls, plus customizable voicemail and other features. And each number can have a different area code.

fell silent

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, Hushed offers some features you won’t find in other apps, like the ability to set up a toll-free number. Unfortunately, Hushed doesn’t offer an ongoing free ad-supported second line, but if it’s your first time using the app, you can get a three-day free trial. Hushed doesn’t collect any payment information, so nothing can be canceled after three days – your number just expires. For regular service, you can get Hushed for just $1.99 for a week of voice and text service. If you need to keep the number active longer, you can subscribe to a plan for $3.99 a month or even get a full year for $29.99.

Hushed app news page on iPhone.

Hushed is available for free for three days.

Dave Johnson/Insider


While most second number apps rely on WiFi to provide you with voice and text service over the internet, Sideline uses your existing cellular service to give you a second number. That means you can’t use this on a phone that doesn’t have a working cellular plan, but it does ensure reliable service with your existing cellular provider. Additionally, Sideline does not offer you an option for a free tier of service. You can choose between the Standard ($9.99 per month) or Pro ($14.99 per month) plans, but first-time subscribers can get a seven-day free trial of either tier. Standard gives you little more than just the second number, while a Pro subscription includes a range of features like a contact list that is separate from the standard list in your phone and text marketing tools.

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